Wellness 101

What is wellness?

Wellness is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. It goes beyond mere freedom from disease and emphasizes the proactive maintenance and improvement of health and well-being; incorporating behaviours which prevent disease, improve health, enhance quality of life, and bring a person to increasingly optimum levels of well-being.
Wellness 101 - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Bali

A one of a kind wellness experience

Unlike other retreats, we cater to the body, mind and spirit and we aim to address the holistic whole. It is our goal to help our clients rejuvenate and realign the senses, helping them to reconnect with themselves, others and the world around them. 

Our exclusive retreats seamlessly blend traditional age old modalities, such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation and indulgent treatments, detoxifying meal options and authentic holistic rituals, with the most contemporary, proven therapeutic approaches.

We also incorporate the most powerful proven coaching and hypnotherapy based modalities, one-to-one therapies and group workshops, to achieve the most powerful and often life-transforming results.

Beyond Wellness - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Bali
Lux Wellness - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Bali


Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future” ~ Deepak Chopra.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool which can be used to help you achieve balance in life, and to regain control of your emotions. It uses the subconscious mind – our inner knowing to heal, allowing you to rid yourself of any negativity and enjoy life to the fullest.

In this series of daily workshops and hypno-meditations over two days, Rachel Dowes; Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master with a passion for Women’s Wellness will explain the science behind the body-mind connection and will practically demonstrate the benefits of hypnotherapy.

Through guided hypnosis Rachel will also help you to tap into your subconscious to reveal negative thoughts and beliefs which are holding you back, freeing you from unconscious behaviours and habits which no longer serve you. Training your mind to replace these thoughts with positive and empowering ones, enabling you to transform your life.


Sometimes people want more from life: more peace of mind, more security, more impact in their work. And sometimes they want less: less confusion, less stress, less financial pressure. In general they come to coaching because they want a better quality of life: more fulfillment, better balance or a different process for accomplishing their desires.

In a series of daily interactive group coaching workshops over two days, Sophia Bakkal, International Life Coach, trained and certified by Tony Robbins and CTI will help you to define your goals and set up strategies to achieve them.

Sophia will help you to maximize your potential and to find your true balance. Her engaging Co-Active Coaching style will give you clarity and time to explore what you really want from life. Identifying your limiting beliefs and developing patterns to overcome those beliefs.

The Dalai Lama said: ‘the purpose of our lives is to be happy’, this is what coaching is for. This process enables you to go from where you are now to where do you want to be.

Movement, Massage & Meditation

Science has shown that a few minutes of mindful movement such as yoga and meditation can transform overall health, protect the brain from ageing, reduce pain and help relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety. 

In a series of daily group classes including yoga, guided meditation, sound healing, mindfulness and breath work we will help guide you to ‘step out’ of a stressed out, on edge state of mind into a state of inner tranquility and peace.

Guests will also enjoy one inclusive massage, with access to luxury spa amenities including private pool, sauna, steam room and unlimited access to the hotel’s fitness facilities, beach and lagoon pool.


Over the course of two days you’ll enjoy three nutritionally-dense, cleansing, and delicious plant-based meals per day which are original, tasty, and energising; detoxifying the organs, kick-starting weight loss and revitalising your energy levels.

Supplementing a detoxifying raw vegan diet with thrice daily cleansing juices to further eliminate toxins.