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The ultimate body, mind & spirit experience.

Our retreats

Disconnect from routine, reconnect to yourself and join us for a one of a kind retreat in heavenly Zanzibar. Experience 5 days of daily yoga, sound healing and transformative workshops. Enjoy dolphin-spotting, island hopping and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Indian Ocean. 


AlUla Adventure Retreat
Caravan by Habitas AlUla

January 20th - 22nd 2023

Join us for a 3 day retreat in the breathtaking beauty of AlUla. A UNESCO world heritage site and living museum of sandstone canyon’s and historic dwellings. Explore culture, cutting-edge art installations and nourish yourself in an immersive long weekend for mind-body-spirit. 

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Kenya Soul Safari Retreat
Temple Point Resort Watamu

February 21st - 25th 2023

Be one with locals, welcome the spirit of Kenya and rediscover the magic of paradise at this 5-day transformative retreat! Get lost in nature and experience a sustainable safari experience and Kenya’s Big Five, an unforgettable elephant sunset experience in Arabuko Sokoke Forest and a magical Dhow Cruise. 

Experience change & transformation

Enriching the six senses

This isn’t just another wellness retreat, this is the moment of truth to transform and reignite your life. Beyond Wellness immersive retreat programs are designed to align body, mind and spirit, helping you achieve balance, harmony and lasting fulfilment. 

Led by Clinical Hypnotherapist Rachel Dowes and International Life Coach Sophia Bakkal, challenging you to reclaim and revitalise your life.

SIX SENSES​ Retrats welness Dubai
SIX SENSES​ Retrats welness DUBAI

Reconnect with your body and breath through a seamless blend of yoga, massage, mindfulness, meditation, sound therapy, crystal healing and energy healing, breath work and more. Simultaneously restoring your body’s natural vitality with a delicious detox program designed by our wellness chef. Packed with nutrient-rich vegetarian meals and fruit juices, to cleanse your body of toxins, restore vital nutrients, reclaim your energy and enhance mental processing.

Empower your life through an engaging program of life coaching, hypnotherapy, integrative nutrition and mind body workshops, alongside  one-to-one coaching, reiki and yoga sessions, designed to reignite, challenge your thinking, reprogram your mind and transform your life.

Beyond a retreat, we teach you proven tools and techniques to take into the real world and share expert knowledge from the leaders in the industry to help you create profound personal and professional lasting change.



LUXURIOUS Wellness - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Bali

Set in some of the world’s most tranquil and idyllic locations from Maldives, Bali to Dubai, Beyond Wellness retreats are world-class destinations for repair, restoration and total relaxation. As we believe that being close to nature is important for self-healing, our retreats deliver a distinctive luxury experience born of its natural environment and every unique local culture.

LUXURIOUS Retrats welness - Dubai Abu Dhabi

BEYOND a retreat

Lux Wellness - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Bali

Unlike other retreats, we cater to the body, mind and spirit and aim to address the holistic whole. Helping you rejuvenate and realign the senses, helping you to reconnect with yourself, others and the world around you.

Incorporating the most powerful proven coaching, meditation, mindfulness and hypnotherapy based modalities, one to one therapies and group workshops, to achieve the most powerful and life-transforming results. Equipping you with all the practical life skills to take your learnings into the real world.


Offering unique total wellbeing experiences which stimulate, energise and revitalise body, mind and spirit. Set in the world’s most luxurious locations of natural beauty. Born from the idea to bridge the gap between the luxury experience provided by the world’s most exclusive resorts with the nurturing, peaceful support of a holistic healing sanctuary experience. Offering the ultimate opportunity to repair, restore and experience total relaxation. 

Relax & Revive Retreats Wellness- Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Bali

Relax & Revive

Relax, revive and rejuvinate the senses through a seamless blend of traditional age old modalities, such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breath work, massage and authentic holistic rituals, with the most contemporary, proven therapeutic approaches.

Relax & Revive Wellness - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Bali
CLEANSE & DETOXIFY - Dubai - Abu Dhabi
CLEANSE & DETOXIFY -Dubai - Abu Dhabi
CLEANSE & DETOXIFY - Dubai - Abu Dhabi


Enjoy a gourmet plant based menu designed by our wellness chef. Experience nutritionally-dense, cleansing, and delicious plant-based meals and juices. Everything is cooked from scratch with the highest quality ingredients.